Thursday, October 27, 2011

Why Blog?

Why Blog? I want to write about my's so full, that it is overflowing. I want to show off my beautiful family and the people I do life with...they are all so extraordinary. I am submerged in the dream of my life and it is worth sharing! I am a wife more in love after 11.5 years than the first day I said I do. I am a mother to two of the most lovely children in the whole world, they are the greatest joy of my life. I am a friend, thriving in beautiful relationships. I am a leader, loving full time ministry...pioneering schools, camps, and internships. I am in love with discipleship; the everyday nitty gritty of living in community and watching people get new hearts one day at a time. I am a songwriter finding the sweet relief of processing my seasons through melody, singing things to the Lord that I don't pray or journal or talk about. I am a worship leader, longing to see His kids get wrecked by His love. I must warn you, I am fearless in this area of my life and on a regular occurrence completely “let go.” I am a photographer, and have spent the last 7 years shooting weddings for a living, I loved it with all my heart and now I must fall back in love with looking through the glass eye and forever capturing moments that I wish would just stick around. I thought it would never happen, being jaded by what you love but the wedding business in all its glory can be a little exhausting. And last but not least I am a home school teacher, that's right I am in my 5th year of teaching my children how to read and write, how to spell, count, and analyze, but mostly I teach them how to love. How to love with a deep life fulfilling love, to love those around them with an uncommon, generous know, the kind that unravels your tangled beliefs that love isn’t real. I am consistently teaching them how to be world changers, one smile at a time. So it is here that I take this leap into blog write, to photograph, to be serious and be silly. To share and open a small window into our life, pier in with grace we are after all real people.





  1. Love the photos. And the friends you visited. Do you have any from Kona? Did you see Brooke and Ava?

  2. Melissa, I love that you teach them to love. I think one of the most beautiful moments (or maybe two most beautiful moments) are the couple chances I've gotten to witness you son on stage (World Race training camp and The Awakening in GA). That moment where Jonathan looks at you two with so much love while you stare at Cadence with the same unbelief at how beautiful life could be.

  3. You are real to me for sure! The same and much much more! Glad you did this....looking forward to it!

  4. Hey Hesler's my name is Sam and i am an aspiring worship leader and love learning really cool songs, i would absolutely love it if Jonathan David could put the tablature (Tabs) for his song "Intimacy" up online somewhere because i am trying to learn how he plays the song. my email is but i'm sure his community of fans would absolutely love to access it too